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Random HeroOceans of Change - Burn up the Night
Rapture RuckusInvader - Mr. Roboto
Rapture RuckusTidal Wave - Tidal Wave
Raspberry JamChi-Rho - Break My Heart
Raspberry JamChi-Rho - Everything We Need
Raspberry JamChi-Rho - God Is
Raspberry JamChi-Rho - Hand Me Down Hate
Raspberry JamChi-Rho - Love Eternal
RavenhillMidnight Gold - EP - Bangarang
RavenhillSoul - Mercy
RawsrvntNo Ordinary Love - On Fire (Radio Version)
Rebecca St. JamesGod - God
RedEnd of Silence - Break Me Down
RedEnd of Silence - Breathe Into Me
REDGone - Gone (JSapp Remix)
RelianceCrashing Down - EP - Broken Bottles
Relient KAir for Free - Air for Free
Relient KAir for Free - Bummin'
Relient KAir for Free - God
Relient KAir for Free - Mountaintop
Relient KBird And Bee Sides - The Scene and Herd
Relient KFive Score and Seven Years Ago - Forgiven
Relient KFive Score And Seven Years Ago - I Need You
Remedy DriveCommodity - Dear Life
Remedy DriveCommodity - Single - Commodity
Remedy DriveThe North Star - I Don't Belong to You
Remedy DriveThe North Star - Warlike
Remedy DriveThe North Star - You Got Fire (feat. Rachael Lampa Mccarthy)
ResolutionPolitcally Incorrect - Tempted
Re-zoundBreathe - Breathe
Re-zoundBreathe - Drowning
Re-zoundBreathe - Laid It Down
RigolettoDelusions of Grandeur - Queens Hotel
Roads 2 RomeDamos Volume 5 - Driving Fast
RoelantMusic To Change The World By - Soda Pop Kids
Rose Blossom PunchArt Core - Volume 2 - See It in Me
Rose Blossom PunchArt Core Volume 1 - Sowing in the Sun
Run Kid RunThis Is Who We Are - Sing To Me
Runaway CityArmored Heart - Daybreak
Runway36Welcome To The Afterall - On The Backswing
RuthSecond Hand Dreaming - Cross The Line

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List songs by artist names beginning with

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