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Mad at the WorldAll These Questions
Mad at the WorldBack to You
Mad at the WorldBallad of Adam and Eve
Mad at the WorldDraggin the Chains
Mad at the WorldHouse of Sin
Mad at the WorldIf I Lose My Way
Mad at the WorldIf You Listen
Mad at the WorldI'll Never Go Back There
Mad at the WorldIsn't Sex a Wonderful Thing
Mad at the WorldLost in the Forest
Mad At The WorldNot The Same
Mad at the WorldSunday
Mad at the WorldThat Lonesome Road
Mad at the WorldThe Narrow Road
Mad At The WorldWhen Life Has A Plan
Mad at the WorldWhen the Wind Blows
MagdalenRevolution Mind
MagdalenWhite Rice
MagdallanBig Bang
MagdallanCry Just A Little
MagdallanDome Of The Rock
MagdallanEnd Of The Ages
MagdallanHouse Of Dreams
MagdallanRadio Bikini
MagdallanWounded Hearts
MastedonGet Up
MastedonGlory Bound
MastedonHoliest One
MastedonInnocent Girl
MastedonIslands In The Sky
MastedonIt Is Done
MastedonIt's A Jungle Out There
MastedonLife On The Line
MastedonLiving For You
MastedonLove Inhalation
MastedonLove That Will Survive
MastedonPeople Of This Time
MastedonRight Hand
MastedonRun To The Water
MastedonShine On
MastedonTaken Down Below
MastedonThief In The Night
MastedonThis Is The Day
MastedonWhen It All Comes Down
Messiah ProphetBattle Cry
Messiah ProphetFear No Evil
Messiah ProphetFor Whom Does The Bell Toll (Ps. 23)
Messiah ProphetHeavy Metal Thunder
Messiah ProphetHit And Run
Messiah ProphetLabor Of Love
Messiah ProphetMaster Of The Metal
Messiah ProphetRock The Flock
Messiah ProphetTo The Rock
Messiah ProphetVoice That's Calling
Messiah ProphetWhy Must You Run
Mike LeeNothing But The Blood
MortalJune First
MortalMother's Day
MortalNowhere Man
MortalParadigm One
MortalSpeed Of Sound
Mylon & Broken HeartCrank It Up
Mylon & Broken HeartWon By One
Mylon LeFevre & Broken HeartTrains Up In the Sky

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List songs by artist names beginning with

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