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W.A.S.P.Fallen Under
Wait for the DayBroken Mirror
WAKE UP SUNDAYNever Looking Back
WarriorCode Of Life
WarriorDay Of Reckoning
WarriorKill The Machine
WarriorOpen Your Eyes
WarriorSoul Survivor
WarriorThe Endless Beginning
WarriorThe Fools Theme
WarriorWe Are The One
WavorlyForgive And Forget
We Are LeoDiamonds in the Dark
We Are VesselHere's Our Cry
We Are VesselThe Broken One
We Are VesselWithout a Fight
We As HumanDead Man
We As HumanDead Man
We As HumanFly
We As HumanSever
We As HumanStrike Back
We As HumanTake the Bullets Away (feat. Lacey Sturm)
We As HumanZombie (feat. John Cooper)
We Were OncePhoenix
We Were OnceSafe & Sound
White Collar SideshowBlack Heart Hearse
White Collar SideshowGo Eat Worms
White HeartA Love Calling
White HeartAnswer The Call
White HeartBeat Of A Different Drum
White HeartBye Bye Babylon
White HeartDesert Rose
White HeartDr. Jekyl And Mr. Christian
White HeartEighth Wonder
White HeartGabriela
White HeartHis Heart Was Always In It
White HeartHow Many Times (Seventy Times Seven)
White HeartI'll Meet You There
White HeartIndependence Day
White HeartInvitation
White HeartKing George
White HeartLay It Down
White HeartLet it Go
White HeartLet My People Go
White HeartLet the Kingdom Come
White HeartLovers and Dreamers
White HeartMaybe Today
White HeartMessiah
White HeartNailed Down
White HeartNothing But The Best
White HeartOnce And For All
White HeartOver Me
White HeartPower Tools
White HeartPowerhouse
White HeartRaging Of The Moon
White HeartRead The Book (Don't Wait For The Movie)
White HeartSay The Word
White HeartSet the Bridge on Fire
White HeartSing Your Freedom
White HeartStoryline
White HeartThe Flame Passes On
White HeartThe River Will Flow
White HeartUnchain
White HeartWhere The Thunder Roars
White HeartWho Owns You
White HeartYou Can See The World
WhitecrossAll I Need
WhitecrossAlready Done
WhitecrossAmazing Love
WhitecrossAttention Please
WhitecrossBecause of Jesus
WhitecrossCan You Tell Me The Time
WhitecrossCome Unto The Light
WhitecrossComing Home
WhitecrossDancin' In Heaven
WhitecrossEnd Of The Line
WhitecrossEnough Is Enough
WhitecrossFull crucifixion
WhitecrossGet Real
WhitecrossGonna Keep On
WhitecrossGood Enough
WhitecrossGoodbye Cruel World
WhitecrossHe Is the Rock
WhitecrossHeaven's Calling Tonight
WhitecrossHigh Gear
WhitecrossHoly War
WhitecrossHome In Heaven
WhitecrossI Keep Prayin
WhitecrossI Shout
WhitecrossIf He Goes Before Me
WhitecrossIf You Believe
WhitecrossI'm Askin' You Today
WhitecrossIn America
WhitecrossIn His Hands
WhitecrossIn The Kingdom
WhitecrossKing Of Angels
WhitecrossLiving in a Lost World
WhitecrossLiving on the Edge
WhitecrossLong Road To Walk
WhitecrossLookin' for a Reason
WhitecrossLove Is Our Weapon
WhitecrossMy Love
WhitecrossNo Other Love
WhitecrossNo Second Chances
WhitecrossNo Way I'm Goin' Down
WhitecrossOver the Top
WhitecrossPlowed me down
WhitecrossRed Light
WhitecrossResist Him
WhitecrossRight Before Your Eyes
WhitecrossSalt City
WhitecrossSeein' Is Believin'
WhitecrossSigns of the End
WhitecrossSimple Man
WhitecrossStraight thru the Heart
WhitecrossTake It To the Limit
WhitecrossThe balance
WhitecrossThe Hammer and the Nail
WhitecrossThis one
WhitecrossTo My Surprise
WhitecrossTop of the World
WhitecrossWalk With Me
WhitecrossWe Know What's Right
WhitecrossWhen He Comes
WhitecrossWhen the Clock Strikes
WhitecrossWhen the Walls Tumble Down
WhitecrossWho Will You Follow
WhitecrossWithout Your Love
WhitecrossYou Will Find It There
WhitecrossYou're Mine
Wolves At the GateA Voice in the Violence
Wolves At the GateAsleep
Wolves At the GateBroken Bones
Wolves At the GateDrifter
Wolves At the GateFlickering Flame
Wolves At the GateFountain
Wolves At the GateMan of Sorrows
Wolves At the GateSlaves
Wolves At the GateThe Cure
Wolves At the GateWar in the Time of Peace
WorldviewBack In Time
WorldviewIllusions Of Love
WorldviewThe Last Cry
WorldviewTwo Wonders
Worth Dying ForCrazy
Worth Dying ForLet It Out
Worth Dying ForSavior
Worth Dying ForThrough Your Eyes
Worth Dying ForYou're Alive
Write This DownAlarm the Alarm
Write This DownHand Grenades
Write This DownThe Florida Rage
Written in KingsBaptist
Written in KingsThis Is Who We Are
WyrickCall Out My Name
WyrickInside Out
WyrickJustify Your Sin
WyrickMore Of You
WyrickPsalm 33:3 (The Comeback Remix)

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