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Tempest All For One
Tempest Eye Of The Storm
Tempest Goin' Nowhere
Tempest Good-Bye
Tempest Lost Without Your Love
Tempest True Love (Never Fade Away)
Teramaze Black Circles
Teramaze Carousal Chain
Teramaze Damascus
Teramaze Deeper Crying
Teramaze Her Halo
Teramaze Once Lost
Teramaze Out of Subconscious
Teramaze Shadows
Teramaze Storm Rain Tears
Teramaze The Unseen
Terminal Dark
Tetelestai Out of This Alive
The Afters Legends
The Afters Shadows
The Afters We Won't Give Up
The Alarm Beautiful
The Alarm Knocking On Heaven's Door (Live)
The Alarm Rescue Me (Tearing the Bonds Assunder Mix Remastered)
The Alarm Strength
The Alarm Where Were You Hiding When the Storm Broke?
The Almost Fight Song
The Almost Ghost
The Almost Say This Sooner (No One WIll Ever See Things the Way I Do)
The Awakening Arrow
The Awakening One More Crucifixion
The Awakening The Neon Sky
The Awakening The Sounds Of Silence
The Birdsongs Will You Save Me?
The Brave All Together Now
The Brave Can't Let The Devil Win
The Brave Dirty Water
The Brave Don't
The Brave If That Ain't Enough
The Brave Just A Man
The Brave Long Way To Heaven
The Brave Never Live Without Your Love
The Brave Running All My Life
The Brave The Killing Floor
The Brave The River
The Brave The Waiting
The Brave Tomorrow
The Brave Trust
The Brave When You're Alone
The Classic Crime Abracadavers
The Classic Crime Glass Houses
The Classic Crime I'm Not Done With You Yet
The Classic Crime The Fight
The Classic Crime What I'd Give Up
The Devil Wears Prada Chemical
The Devil Wears Prada Lines of Your Hands
The Devil Wears Prada Planet A
The Devil Wears Prada Supernova
The Devil Wears Prada The Condition
The Devil Wears Prada To the Key of Evergreen
The Devil Wears Prada Worldwide
The Fold New Skeptic
The Grave Denial Cloak and Dagger
The Grave Denial Fake
The Grave Denial Take the Pain
The Great Transparency Rebuild Your Love
The Hymns Project Just As I Am
The Jelly Jam War Is...
The Letter Black Fear
The Letter Black Last Day That I Cared
The Letter Black Pain Killer
The Mandalore Prisoner
The Mercy Beast
The Mercy Enslaved
The Mercy Faith
The Mercy Found
The Mercy More Than A Man (featuring Rey Parra)
The Mercy Not My God
The Mercy Shadows Fall
The Mercy She'll Stay
The Mercy The Longest Right Now
The Mercy Thomas
The Ongoing Concept Failures & Fakes
The Ongoing Concept Prisoner
The Ongoing Concept Soul
The Ongoing Concept Unwanted
The Overseer Fragile Wings
The Persuaded Unashamed (feat. Kevin Young)
The Persuaded Wolves
The Prayer Chain Fifty-Eight
The Protest Chambers
The Protest Chambers
The Protest Don`t Waste Time
The Protest Don't Waste Time
The Protest In The Air Tonight
The Protest In The Air Tonight
The Protest Noise Revolution
The Protest Pull Me Away
The Protest Rebel Static
The Protest Reinvention
The Protest Resist
The Protest Spotlight
The Protest Throw The Rose
The Protest Up From The Fall
The Protest Up From The Fall
The Protest Vicious Cycle
The Protest We Will Rise
The Protest We Will Rise
The Protest Welcome To The Freakshow
The Protest What Else You Got
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Am I the Enemy
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus California
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Face Down
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus The Right Direction
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Wide Is the Gate
The Rocket Summer UNI
The Showdown Carry on Wayward Son
The Showdown Death Finds Us Breathing
The Showdown Fanatics and Whores
The Showdown Forget My Name
The Showdown Head Down
The Showdown It Drinks from Me
The Showdown Temptation Come My Way
The Timbre of Cedar Restoring the Light
The Union of Sinners and Saints Bittersweet
The Union of Sinners and Saints Independence Day
The Union Of Sinners And Saints Old Guys Rule
The Union of Sinners and Saints The Things We Do
The Wedding Heartbreak in Melody
The Wedding I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
The Wedding In the End
The Wedding Return
The Wedding Say Your Prayers
The Wedding Song For The Broken
The World Will Burn Absolute Power
The World Will Burn Brand New Song
The World Will Burn No One Wants To Die
The World Will Burn Place In The Sun
The World Will Burn The Me Dying
The World Will Burn The More Things Change
The World Will Burn Torment
The World Will Burn Why
The World Will Burn You See Me Coming
The Worshiper 14:30
The Zach Allen Band Prison Break
Theocracy 30 Pieces of Silver
Theocracy Castaway
Theocracy Easter
Theocracy Ghost Ship
Theocracy Laying the Demon to Rest
Theocracy Martyr
Theocracy Nailed
Theocracy On Eagles' Wings
Theocracy Paper Tiger
Theocracy Stir the Embers
Theocracy The Master Storyteller
Theocracy The Wonder of It All
Theocracy Wages of Sin
Theocracy Wishing Well
Theody Reignite
These 5 Down Deception
Thirty-Nine Thoughts Oh Yeah
Thirty-Nine Thoughts Resonate
This Beautiful Republic Going Under
This Beautiful Republic Right Now
This Fires Embrace Forever Loved (Acoustic)
This Fires Embrace Home Again
This Fires Embrace Take My Life
This Fires Embrace Warrior Poets
Thousand Foot Krutch Absolute
Thousand Foot Krutch Be Somebody
Thousand Foot Krutch Born This Way
Thousand Foot Krutch Hit The Floor
Thousand Foot Krutch Light Up The Sky
Thousand Foot Krutch Move
Thousand Foot Krutch Push
Thousand Foot Krutch Rawkfist
Thousand Foot Krutch Running With Giants
Thousand Foot Krutch Shook
Thousand Foot Krutch Stranger
Thousand Foot Krutch The River
Thousand Foot Krutch Untraveled Road
Thousand Foot Krutch War of Change
Thrice Anthology
Thrice Black Honey
Thrice Hold Up a Light
Thrice Hurricane
Thrice Only Us
Thrice Promises
Thrice Red Telephone
Thrice The Dark
Thrice The Grey
Thrice The Window
Thrice Wake Up
Tigerwine Black Water
To Speak of Wolves Enemies to Everyone
Tom Golly Let Your Heart Be Found
Torn Down Pull Me Through
Torndown Live Again
Torndown Pull Me Through
Tourniquet Acid Head
Tourniquet All Good Things Died Here
Tourniquet Bats
Tourniquet Bearing Gruesome Cargo
Tourniquet Broken Chromosomes
Tourniquet Caixa De Raiva
Tourniquet Can't Make Me Hate You
Tourniquet Carry The Wounded
Tourniquet Claustrospelunker
Tourniquet Crank the Knife
Tourniquet Crawl to China
Tourniquet Drowning Machine
Tourniquet Enveloped in Python
Tourniquet Exoskeletons
Tourniquet Gazing at Medusa
Tourniquet Heads I Win, Tails You Loose
Tourniquet If I Was There
Tourniquet If Pigs Could Fly
Tourniquet Longing for Gondwanaland
Tourniquet Martyr's Pose
Tourniquet Memento Mori
Tourniquet Microscopic View Of A Telescopic Realm
Tourniquet My Promise
Tourniquet Oh Well
Tourniquet One Foot in Forever
Tourniquet Phantom Limb
Tourniquet Proprioception: The Line Knives Syndrome
Tourniquet Psycho Surgery
Tourniquet Pushin' Broom
Tourniquet Servant Of The Bones
Tourniquet Sinister Scherzo
Tourniquet Spineless
Tourniquet The Crushing Weight of Eternity
Tourniquet The Peaceful Beauty of Brutal Justice
Tourniquet Twilight
Tourniquet Vanishing Lessons
Tourniquet When The Love Is Right (To Lizett)
Tourniquet White Knucklin' the Rosary
Tourniquet Your Take
Tree63 Alive
Ty Tabor Beautiful Sky
Ty Tabor Pretty Good
Ty Tabor Ride
Ty Tabor She's A Tree
Ty Tabor Take It Back
Ty Tabor Thankful
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