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TempestAll For One
TempestEye Of The Storm
TempestGoin' Nowhere
TempestLost Without Your Love
TempestTrue Love (Never Fade Away)
TeramazeBlack Circles
TeramazeCarousal Chain
TeramazeDeeper Crying
TeramazeHer Halo
TeramazeOnce Lost
TeramazeOut of Subconscious
TeramazeStorm Rain Tears
TeramazeThe Unseen
TetelestaiOut of This Alive
The AftersLegends
The AftersShadows
The AftersWe Won't Give Up
The AlarmBeautiful
The AlarmKnocking On Heaven's Door (Live)
The AlarmRescue Me (Tearing the Bonds Assunder Mix Remastered)
The AlarmStrength
The AlarmWhere Were You Hiding When the Storm Broke?
The AlmostFight Song
The AlmostGhost
The AlmostSay This Sooner (No One WIll Ever See Things the Way I Do)
The AwakeningArrow
The AwakeningOne More Crucifixion
The AwakeningThe Neon Sky
The AwakeningThe Sounds Of Silence
The BirdsongsWill You Save Me?
The BraveAll Together Now
The BraveCan't Let The Devil Win
The BraveDirty Water
The BraveDon't
The BraveIf That Ain't Enough
The BraveJust A Man
The BraveLong Way To Heaven
The BraveNever Live Without Your Love
The BraveRunning All My Life
The BraveThe Killing Floor
The BraveThe River
The BraveThe Waiting
The BraveTomorrow
The BraveTrust
The BraveWhen You're Alone
The Classic CrimeAbracadavers
The Classic CrimeGlass Houses
The Classic CrimeI'm Not Done With You Yet
The Classic CrimeThe Fight
The Classic CrimeWhat I'd Give Up
The FoldNew Skeptic
The Grave DenialFake
The Great TransparencyRebuild Your Love
The Hymns ProjectJust As I Am
The Jelly JamWar Is...
The Letter BlackFear
The Letter BlackLast Day That I Cared
The Letter BlackPain Killer
The MandalorePrisoner
The MercyBeast
The MercyEnslaved
The MercyFaith
The MercyFound
The MercyMore Than A Man (featuring Rey Parra)
The MercyNot My God
The MercyShadows Fall
The MercyShe'll Stay
The MercyThe Longest Right Now
The MercyThomas
The Ongoing ConceptSoul
The Ongoing ConceptUnwanted
The OverseerFragile Wings
The PersuadedWolves
The Prayer ChainFifty-Eight
The ProtestChambers
The ProtestChambers
The ProtestDon`t Waste Time
The ProtestDon't Waste Time
The ProtestIn The Air Tonight
The ProtestIn The Air Tonight
The ProtestNoise Revolution
The ProtestPull Me Away
The ProtestRebel Static
The ProtestReinvention
The ProtestResist
The ProtestSpotlight
The ProtestThrow The Rose
The ProtestUp From The Fall
The ProtestUp From The Fall
The ProtestVicious Cycle
The ProtestWe Will Rise
The ProtestWe Will Rise
The ProtestWelcome To The Freakshow
The ProtestWhat Else You Got
The Red Jumpsuit ApparatusAm I the Enemy
The Red Jumpsuit ApparatusCalifornia
The Red Jumpsuit ApparatusFace Down
The Red Jumpsuit ApparatusThe Right Direction
The Red Jumpsuit ApparatusWide Is the Gate
The Rocket SummerUNI
The ShowdownCarry on Wayward Son
The ShowdownDeath Finds Us Breathing
The ShowdownFanatics and Whores
The ShowdownForget My Name
The ShowdownHead Down
The ShowdownIt Drinks from Me
The ShowdownTemptation Come My Way
The Timbre of CedarRestoring the Light
The Union of Sinners and SaintsBittersweet
The Union of Sinners and SaintsIndependence Day
The Union Of Sinners And SaintsOld Guys Rule
The Union of Sinners and SaintsThe Things We Do
The WeddingHeartbreak in Melody
The WeddingI'll Sleep When I'm Dead
The WeddingIn the End
The WeddingReturn
The WeddingSay Your Prayers
The WeddingSong For The Broken
The World Will BurnAbsolute Power
The World Will BurnBrand New Song
The World Will BurnNo One Wants To Die
The World Will BurnPlace In The Sun
The World Will BurnThe Me Dying
The World Will BurnThe More Things Change
The World Will BurnTorment
The World Will BurnWhy
The World Will BurnYou See Me Coming
The Zach Allen BandPrison Break
Theocracy30 Pieces of Silver
TheocracyGhost Ship
TheocracyOn Eagles' Wings
TheocracyPaper Tiger
TheocracyStir the Embers
TheocracyThe Master Storyteller
TheocracyThe Wonder of It All
TheocracyWages of Sin
TheocracyWishing Well
These 5 DownDeception
Thirty-Nine ThoughtsOh Yeah
Thirty-Nine ThoughtsResonate
This Beautiful RepublicGoing Under
This Beautiful RepublicRight Now
This Fires EmbraceForever Loved (Acoustic)
This Fires EmbraceHome Again
This Fires EmbraceTake My Life
This Fires EmbraceWarrior Poets
Thousand Foot KrutchAbsolute
Thousand Foot KrutchBe Somebody
Thousand Foot KrutchBorn This Way
Thousand Foot KrutchHit The Floor
Thousand Foot KrutchLight Up The Sky
Thousand Foot KrutchMove
Thousand Foot KrutchPush
Thousand Foot KrutchRawkfist
Thousand Foot KrutchRunning With Giants
Thousand Foot KrutchShook
Thousand Foot KrutchStranger
Thousand Foot KrutchThe River
Thousand Foot KrutchUntraveled Road
Thousand Foot KrutchWar of Change
ThriceBlack Honey
ThriceOnly Us
ThriceRed Telephone
ThriceThe Dark
ThriceThe Grey
ThriceThe Window
ThriceWake Up
Tom GollyLet Your Heart Be Found
Torn DownPull Me Through
TorndownLive Again
TorndownPull Me Through
TourniquetAcid Head
TourniquetAll Good Things Died Here
TourniquetBearing Gruesome Cargo
TourniquetBroken Chromosomes
TourniquetCaixa De Raiva
TourniquetCan't Make Me Hate You
TourniquetCarry The Wounded
TourniquetCrank the Knife
TourniquetCrawl to China
TourniquetDrowning Machine
TourniquetEnveloped in Python
TourniquetGazing at Medusa
TourniquetHeads I Win, Tails You Loose
TourniquetIf I Was There
TourniquetIf Pigs Could Fly
TourniquetLonging for Gondwanaland
TourniquetMartyr's Pose
TourniquetMemento Mori
TourniquetMicroscopic View Of A Telescopic Realm
TourniquetMy Promise
TourniquetOh Well
TourniquetOne Foot in Forever
TourniquetPhantom Limb
TourniquetProprioception: The Line Knives Syndrome
TourniquetPsycho Surgery
TourniquetPushin' Broom
TourniquetServant Of The Bones
TourniquetSinister Scherzo
TourniquetThe Crushing Weight of Eternity
TourniquetThe Peaceful Beauty of Brutal Justice
TourniquetVanishing Lessons
TourniquetWhen The Love Is Right (To Lizett)
TourniquetWhite Knucklin' the Rosary
TourniquetYour Take
Ty TaborBeautiful Sky
Ty TaborPretty Good
Ty TaborRide
Ty TaborShe's A Tree
Ty TaborTake It Back
Ty TaborThankful

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