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Lacey Sturm I’m Not Laughing
Lacey Sturm Impossible
Lacey Sturm Rot
Lacey Sturm The Decree
Last Day Rising Leave it all behind
Last Day Rising Ready to Roll
Lastwatch Leave a Light On
Lastwatch The Countdown
Laudamus Die
Laudamus Free
Laudamus Hear My Prayer
Laudamus I Am
Laudamus In The Final Hour
Laudamus Lay Your Burdens
Laudamus Lost In Vain
Laudamus Mother Evolution
Laudamus My Heart's On Fire
Laudamus Salvation
Leaderdogs For The Blind Better Ways
Leaderdogs For The Blind Fighting Gravity
Leaderdogs For The Blind Lemonade
Leaderdogs For The Blind Ripple
Leaderdogs For The Blind Supersaturated
Leaderdogs For The Blind Yellow & Black Attack
LEDGER feat. John Cooper Warrior
LEDGER Not Dead Yet
Legend Seven After The Fall
Legend Seven Always And Forever
Legend Seven Angela
Legend Seven Be Still
Legend Seven Blind Faith
Legend Seven Burning Desire
Legend Seven Call On Me
Legend Seven Carry Me
Legend Seven Colours
Legend Seven Don't Believe It
Legend Seven First Love
Legend Seven Friendly Fire
Legend Seven Hold Out
Legend Seven Lead Me Back
Legend Seven Refuge
Legend Seven Set This Place On Fire
Legend Seven Shoot Straight
Legend Seven Soul Surrender
Legend Seven They That Wait
Leviticus Born Again
Leviticus For Once In My Life
Leviticus Isn't It Love
Leviticus Messiah
Leviticus Oh, Lord
Leviticus Over The Hills
Liberty N' Justice Always Tomorrow
Liberty N' Justice Another Nail
Liberty N Justice Bargain Bin w/ Greg X Volz
Liberty N Justice Blind Man's Bluff w/ Michael Sweet (Stryper)
Liberty N Justice Cain 2 Abel w/ Dale Thompson (BRIDE)
Liberty N Justice Change Comes Around w/ Harry Hess (Harem Scarem)
Liberty N' Justice Devil In The Details [Featuring Steve Brown Of Trixter/Stereo Fallout]
Liberty N Justice Do You Know w/ Bob Carlisle
Liberty N Justice DR.Love w/ Michelle Lynn
Liberty N Justice FHL w/ Rick Florian (White Heart)
Liberty N' Justice Flinch
Liberty N Justice Foolish Child w/ Jeff Fenholt
Liberty N Justice Forever, I Love You w/ Doug Phelps (Kentucky Headhunters)
Liberty N' Justice Grenade
Liberty N Justice Holy Roller w/ Mitch McVicker
Liberty N' Justice Hope & Pray / Ballad Of King David
Liberty N' Justice If The World Could Be Mine
Liberty N' Justice Independence Day
Liberty N Justice It's About Love w/ John Schlitt (Petra)
Liberty N' Justice Killer Grin
Liberty N' Justice Kings Of Hollywood
Liberty N' Justice Make Believe
Liberty N' Justice Malice In Wonderland
Liberty N Justice Noise w/Jamie Rowe (Guardian)
Liberty N Justice One Word w/ Ken Tamplin
Liberty N Justice Only Heaven Knows w/ Mitch Malloy
Liberty N Justice Rebel Son' w/ Paul Q Pek (One Bad Pig)
Liberty N Justice Rise w/ Scott Wenzel (White Cross)
Liberty N Justice Shed My Skin w/ Lou Gramm (Foreigner)
Liberty N' Justice Show Me The Way
Liberty N' Justice Sight Unseen
Liberty N' Justice State Of Grace
Liberty N Justice The Lord's Prayer w/ Robert Fleischman
Liberty N' Justice Thy Will Be Done
Liberty N' Justice Treading On Serpents (Featuring Les Carlsen & Oz Fox)
Liberty N' Justice Up That Hill
Lifelong Above the Waves
Light The Way Brkn
Light The Way Holy Ghost
Light Up the Darkness Centurion's Rant
Light45 Steeped
Light45 The Maze
Light45 Your Love Breaks Every Boundary
Lightswitch Live Like There's No Tomorrow
Living Sacrifice Anorexia Spiritual
Living Sacrifice Dealing With Ignorance
Living Sacrifice Internal Unrest
Living Sacrifice No Grave Concern
Living Sacrifice Obstruction
Living Sacrifice Phargx Imas
Living Sacrifice Second Death
Living Sacrifice The Prodigal
Living Sacrifice Violence
Living Sacrifice Walls Of Separation
Longday Follow
Lost Anthem Hey DJ
Love and Death Chemicals
Love and Death Meltdown
Love and Death Paralyzed
Love and Death The Abandoning
Love Life 1000 Reasons
Love Life A Hard Days Night
Love Life Do You Believe In Love
Love Life Do You Love Me
Love Life Girl Gone Bad
Love Life Goodbye Lady Jane
Love Life Hearts On Fire
Love Life In Blue Again
Love Life Real Love
Love Life When Loneliness Comes Knockin'
Love Like Gravity Chain Reaction
Love Like Gravity Dig
Love Like Gravity Slave
Love like Gravity Stronger
LoveLike Violence Skeleton
Lovewar Golden Rule
Lovewar Keep Your Hands Off My Stuff
Lovewar Soak Your Brain
Lovewar Welling Up
Lovewar You Are Not Alone
Lovewar You Win
Lucerin Blue Monday In Vegas
Luminate It's Our Time
Lust Control Make Money and Die
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List songs by artist names beginning with

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