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Balance Of PowerBlind Man
Balance Of PowerBook Of Secrets
Balance Of PowerDay Breaker
Balance Of PowerDo You Dream Of Angels
Balance Of PowerFire Dance
Balance Of PowerHard Life
Balance Of PowerHigher Than The Sun
Balance Of PowerHouse Of Cain
Balance Of PowerIt's Not Over (Until It's Over)
Balance Of PowerKiller Or The Cure
Balance Of PowerPrisoner Of Pride
Balance Of PowerSavage Tears
Balance Of PowerSearching For The Truth
Balance Of PowerSeven Days Into Nevermore
Balance Of PowerShelter Me
Balance Of PowerSins Of The World
Balance Of PowerTen More Tales Of Grand Illusion
Balance Of PowerThe Darker Side
Balance Of PowerUnder The Spell
Balance Of PowerWhen Heaven Calls Your Name
Bare BonesFleas Of A Thousand Camels
Bare BonesHome On The Rage
Bare BonesI Got My Head Stuck In The Cupboard
Bare BonesRow Your Boat
Bare BonesSlow Melt
Bare BonesTo Die For
Bare BonesTurn Back Time
Bare BonesUgly
Bare BonesWanna-Maker
Barlow GirlLet Go
Barren CrossA Face In The Dark
Barren CrossBelieve
Barren CrossBigotry Man (Who Are You)
Barren CrossClose to the Edge
Barren CrossCryin' Over You
Barren CrossCultic Regimes
Barren CrossDead Lock
Barren CrossDying Day
Barren CrossEscape the Night
Barren CrossFeed The Fire
Barren CrossGive Your Life
Barren CrossGoing Nowhere
Barren CrossHard Lies
Barren CrossHe Loves You
Barren CrossHeaven or Nothing
Barren CrossHere I Am
Barren CrossImaginary Music
Barren CrossInner War
Barren CrossIt's All Come True
Barren CrossJ.R.M.
Barren CrossJust A Touch
Barren CrossKillers of the Unborn
Barren CrossKing of Kings
Barren CrossLet It Go Let It Die
Barren CrossLight The Flame
Barren CrossLiving Dead
Barren CrossLove At Full Volume
Barren CrossMidnight Son
Barren CrossNo Time To Run
Barren CrossOut Of Time
Barren CrossRattle Your Cage
Barren CrossRock For The King
Barren CrossSick
Barren CrossSomewhere Far Away
Barren CrossState Of Control
Barren CrossTerrorist Child
Barren CrossThe Stage Of Intensity
Barren CrossTime For Love
Barren CrossUnsuspecting
Barren CrossYour Love Gives
Barren CrossYour Will
BaylessMy Declaration
BeartoothIn Between
Before Their EyesIt's Dark Inside with You
Before Their EyesMidwest Modesty
Believable PicnicBig Fat Nothing
Believable PicnicDays Of Joy
Believable PicnicLion's Den
Believable PicnicListen
Believable PicnicSpaceman
Believable PicnicWasted
Believable PicnicWho's To Blame
BioGenesisBet Your Soul
Bjorn Stigsson & Sonny LarssonLovin' My Woman
Blank BooksFind My Way Again
Blessed By a Broken HeartBlood On Your Hands
Blessed By a Broken HeartCarry On
Blessed By a Broken HeartDeathwish
Blessed By a Broken HeartDon't Stop
Blessed By a Broken HeartForever
Blessed By a Broken HeartHoldin' Back for Nothin'
Blessed By a Broken HeartOut of Control
Blessed By a Broken HeartRide Into the Night
Blessed By a Broken HeartScream It Like You Mean It
Blessed By a Broken HeartShe Wolf
Blessed By a Broken HeartShe's Dangerous
Blessed By a Broken HeartShow Me What You Got
Blessed By a Broken HeartSleepless Nights
BlindsideAbout A Burning Fire
BlindsideAll Of Us
BlindsideCaught A Glimpse
BlindsideComing Back To Life
BlindsideCute Boring Love
BlindsideFell In Love With The Game
BlindsideMonster on the Radio
BlindsideMy Heart Escapes
BlindsideOur Love Saves Us
BlindsideShe Shut Your Eyes
BlindsideThe Endings
BlindsideYou Can Hide It
BlissedGet Up
BlissedGet Your Hands Up
BlissedGetting Better
BlissedWith You
BloodgoodAccept The Lamb
BloodgoodAll Stand Together
BloodgoodAlone In Suicide
BloodgoodBattle Of The Flesh
BloodgoodBlack Snake
BloodgoodChanging Me
BloodgoodDemon On The Run
BloodgoodDo Or Die
BloodgoodEat The Flesh
BloodgoodEscape From The Fire
BloodgoodFear No Evil
BloodgoodHeaven On Earth
BloodgoodHelp Me
BloodgoodHey! You
BloodgoodI Want To Live In Your Heart
BloodgoodIt's Alright
BloodgoodKilling The Beast
BloodgoodKingdom Come
BloodgoodLies In The Dark
BloodgoodNew Age Illusion
BloodgoodOut Of Love
BloodgoodOut Of The Darkness
BloodgoodRounded Are The Rocks
BloodgoodSay Goodbye
BloodgoodShakin' It
BloodgoodShe's Gone
BloodgoodSoldier Of Peace
BloodgoodStand In The Light
BloodgoodStreetlight Dancer
BloodgoodThe Messiah
BloodgoodThe World (Keeps Movin' Around)
BloodgoodTop Of The Mountain
BloodgoodVagrant People
BloodgoodWhat Have I Done
BloodgoodWhat's Following The Grave
BloodgoodYou Lose
Boiling PointBrand New Day
Boiling PointIn It to Win It
Boiling PointMy Hero
Boiling PointPut Your Hands Up
Boiling PointStay With Me
Bone ProphetBurn It Down
Boochie ShepherdPull My String
Brave FutureReinvent
Bread of StoneParachute (feat. Matt Dally)
Bread of StonePorcelain (feat. Jonathan Thulin)
Breaking The SilenceStand
Breaking The SilenceUnder God
Brian 'Head' WelchAdonai
Bride Dressed In BlackHip Rock (Feat. Kurtis Blow)
BrideAll Hallow's Eve
BrideBang Goodbye
BrideBeginning Of The End
BrideBitter End
BrideCalifornia Sunshine
BrideCall out His Name
BrideDog The Nine
BrideDon't Use Me
BrideEnd Of Days
BrideEver Fallen In Love
BrideEverybody Knows My Name
BrideEvil Dreams
BrideFake News
BrideFamous When I'm Dead
BrideFollow Me
BrideFool Me Once
BrideFuel And Fire
BrideHang On
BrideHard To Kick
BrideHell No
BrideHired Gun
BrideHot Down South Tonight
BrideI Live For You
BrideI Love You
BrideI Miss The Rain
BrideI'm The Devil
BrideIn The Dark
BrideInside Ourselves
BrideJesus In Me
BrideJohn the Baptist
BrideKiss The Train
BrideLast Thing That I Feel
BrideLaughter of It All
BrideLive To Die
BrideLook In My Head
BrideLost in a Song
BrideMetal Might
BrideNever Thought About Going Back
BrideNo More Nightmares
BridePersonal Savior
BridePicture Perfect
BridePsychedelic Super Jesus
BrideRise Above
BrideSilence Is Madness
BrideSkin For Skin
BrideSome Things Never Change
BrideSoul Winner
BrideSuper Ego Star
BrideTake The Medication
BrideThe Government
BrideThe Painter
BrideThe Real Jesus
BrideThe Worm
BrideThere's Always Tomorrow
BrideThink I'll Build a Bomb
BrideThrill A Minute
BrideToo Tired
BrideTroubled Times
BrideUnder The Influence
BrideUntil The End We Rock
BrideWhen I Was A Kid
BrideWhiskey Seed
BrideWhite House
BrideWould You Die For Me
BrideYoung Love
Broken YokeBeautiful
Broken YokeDisguised
Broken YokeHands Of Time
Broken YokeOut Of Control
Broken YokeThe Way
Brooke BarrettsmithIt's OK to Rock
BuriedBlood (feat. Josiah Prince)
Burning YesterdayFear (Featuring Brad Noah of Disciple)
BywordThe Storm

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