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The AftersLegends
The AftersShadows
The AlarmRain in the Summertime
The AlarmThe Stand
The AlmostFight Song
The AlmostSay This Sooner (No One WIll Ever See Things the Way I Do)
The AlteredForty-Two
The AlteredJohns Lament
The AlteredLow (Album)
The AlteredOoh Where Are You (Album)
The AlteredYou Are All I Want (Album)
The BirdsongsStart the Dance Again
The BirdsongsThis Isn't Love
The ChoirA Million Years
The ChoirA Sentimental Song (Album Version)
The ChoirA Sentimental Song
The ChoirAll Night Long (Album Version)
The ChoirAmazing
The ChoirBlack Cloud (Album Version)
The ChoirCar, Etc. (Album Version)
The ChoirConsider
The ChoirConsider
The ChoirGrace
The ChoirGripped
The ChoirKissers And Killers
The ChoirKissers and Killers
The ChoirMerciful Eyes
The ChoirRender Love (Album Version)
The ChoirRestore My Soul
The ChoirSad Face (Album Version)
The ChoirSad Face
The ChoirSpeckled Bird
The ChoirTear For Tear / About Love
The ChoirTo Bid Farewell (Album Version)
The ChoirWilderness
The Classic CrimeI'm Not Done With You Yet
The Classic CrimeThe Fight
The Classic CrimeWhat I'd Give Up
The Deep Space NetworkWhere You Belong
The Dell GriffithsBest Friends Girl
The Dell GriffithsGirlfriend
The Dell GriffithsI Got You
The ElectricsBack Of Your Head
The ElectricsGet To Heaven
The ElectricsIrish Rover
The ElectricsThe Whole Shebang
The FoldNew Skeptic (Album Version)
The FoldNew Skeptic (Album Version)
The Gray HavensGhost of a King
The Gray HavensHigh Enough (feat. Propaganda)
The IncandescentUndiscovered
The Lasting HopeLifeline
The Lasting HopeSomething New
The Lasting HopeWhat Am I Living For
The Michael Gungor BandWhite Man
The O.C. SupertonesResolution
The O.C. SupertonesSuperstones Strike Back
The O.C. SupertonesUnite
The Prayer ChainBig Wheel
The Prayer ChainCrawl
The Prayer ChainDig Dug
The Prayer ChainFifty-Eight
The Prayer ChainLike I Was
The Prayer ChainNever Enough
The Prayer ChainPsycho Flange
The Prayer ChainWorm
The Red Jumpsuit ApparatusCalifornia
The Red Jumpsuit ApparatusThe Right Direction
The Rocket SummerGone Too Long
The Rocket SummerHelp Me Out
The Rocket SummerUNI
The RuinsRun
The VespersBreak the Cycle
The Violet BurningEleanor Rigby
The Violet BurningLike the Sun
The Violet BurningThere Is No One Like You
The Violet BurningThrough My Tears
The Violet BurningUndone
The Way Sect BloomWashed
The WeddingI'll Sleep When I'm Dead
The WeddingIn the End
The WeddingReturn
The WeddingSay Your Prayers
The WeddingSong For The Broken
These 5 DownDeception
Third DayBlackbird
Third DayGather Round Now
Third DayNothing at All
This Beautiful RepublicGoing Under
This Beautiful RepublicRight Now
This TrainBaby Baby
This TrainEvery Word You Said
This TrainMary Alice
This TrainMonstertruck
This TrainWe'll Never Know
Thousand Foot KrutchBorn This Way
Thousand Foot KrutchBounce
Thousand Foot KrutchBreak the Silence
Thousand Foot KrutchFaith, Love and Happiness
Thousand Foot KrutchGo
Thousand Foot KrutchHit The Floor
Thousand Foot KrutchHurt
Thousand Foot KrutchI Climb
Thousand Foot KrutchLast Words
Thousand Foot KrutchLight Up The Sky
Thousand Foot KrutchMake Me a Believer
Thousand Foot KrutchMove
Thousand Foot KrutchOrdinary
Thousand Foot KrutchPhenomenon
Thousand Foot KrutchQuicken
Thousand Foot KrutchRawkfist
Thousand Foot KrutchStep to Me
Thousand Foot KrutchStranger
Thousand Foot KrutchUntraveled Road
ThriceBlack Honey
ThriceThe Window
ThroesConfidence Man
ThroesSo Controversial
Tiger DriveFree To Go
Tiger DriveHere We Come
Tiger DriveLegend
Tiger DriveThe In-Between
Trump DawgsWishing Well (Radio Edit)

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List songs by artist names beginning with

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